"The company story is the company strategy."



In these engagements, I help leadership teams define a clear, effective strategic story. The result is a strategic messaging architecture — a compelling, well-structured narrative that drives success in fundraising, sales, marketing, product and recruiting.


Once the strategic story is in place, leadership teams engage me as an advisor to ensure that fundraising pitches, sales decks, recruiting training, product roadmap and marketing collateral all suppor the high-level story.


In these engaging 2- to 4-hour sessions, entire teams learn how to apply powerful storytelling techniques to make sales conversations, product development, fundraising, marketing, and recruiting more effective.



My clients include early-stage companies funded by venture investors including a16z, KPCB, True Ventures, First Round Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Y Combinator, Intel Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Webb Investment Network, Highland Capital Partners, Box Group, Data Collective, Crosslink Capital, Quest Venture Partners, and Merus Capital.

Justin Yoshimura CEO and co-founder 500friends (acquired by Merkle)

"Andy's biggest contribution was raising the credibility of 500friends — on our website, in sales discussions, and with investors. When it comes to boiling down complex offerings into understandable, targeted stories, Andy is the most talented person I know.”

Spenser Skates CEO and Founder Amplitude

"Andy crafted new positioning and messaging for Amplitude that immediately increased our win rate and helped us gain traction faster with investors. He also built a high-level plan — including funnel definition, metrics, and execution priorities — that will be my strategic marketing roadmap as I grow the company. We were really lucky to work with Andy, and I highly recommend him."

Gary Nakamura CEO Concurrent

"Andy has been huge for Concurrent. First, he led us through a concise process to define clear, compelling strategic messaging. Andy was also a great asset to help build the long-term branding and content marketing strategy that my team is now executing on. Andy is an incredibly rare and valuable mix of startup experience, technical understanding and storytelling talent, and I highly recommend him as a marketing leader."

Catherine Liao Senior Director, Platform Solutions Riverbed Technology

"Andy's Storytelling for Startups workshop provided a great team-building exercise and gave us the tools to tell our marketing story in a more engaging way."

Mark Chung CEO and Founder Verdigris Technologies

"In an amazingly short period of time, Andy rebuilt our messaging, clarified our positioning, focused our brand, delivered a compelling company narrative, and gave us a powerful marketing strategy to execute. Basically, in just one month he accomplished what has taken my team plus 2 advisors at least six times as long, and he gave us a strong foundation for growth."

Roque Versace Head of Americas Sales Intel Services

"Andy is the best I know at crafting company and product stories that help us win business. I hope to be working together for a long time.”

Randi Barshack VP Marketing, Mashery (now CMO, xMatters)

"Great marketing starts with a great story. When it comes to helping senior execs align on a compelling strategic narrative, no one is better than Andy.”

Mike Allen VP Product, Terracotta (now VP Product, Marketo)

"Of all the marketers I know, Andy is the best at building strategic narratives that drive demand. For our big data products, he helped me tell compelling stories not only to the market, but also to stakeholders within the company.”

Jason Fischl Co-founder and CTO Blipboard (now VP Engineering, Remind)

"By getting our story straight, Andy made our investor pitches, product demos, and product development more successful. Andy is great at helping early-stage companies build a narrative for how customers will interact with their products.”

Zen Ohashi CEO and founder Sugoi Kaigi

"Andy is the rare individual who sees the truth about how a company presents itself to the world, without dogma or bias. Through dialog and questioning, he can create a story that makes impossible goals achievable. It's a kind of magic.”


San Francisco
General Assembly | 225 Bush St, 5th Floor

What makes investors fund your company, customers buy your products, and great people join your team? Above all, it’s a great story well told. Learn how to apply techniques from filmmaking and other narrative arts to make your investor pitches, sales conversations, and hiring discussions more successful.

Oct 21, 2015 (Wednesday) | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Nov 18, 2015 (Wednesday) | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
San Francisco
General Assembly | 225 Bush St, 5th Floor

Instead of paying PR firms to beg reporters to publish your message, you can publish it yourself — as articles, books, videos, infographics, webcasts, podcasts and more. In the new world of content marketing, content strategy is the emerging discipline of aligning editorial with strategic business goals. In the class we'll explore the foundations of an effective content strategy, including editorial design, target audience definition, idea generation, and success metrics.

Oct 19, 2015 (Monday) | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Nov 16, 2015 (Monday) | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm